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Vulnerability is our super power

I was born in the UK and after living in Switzerland for 4 years I now live in Dubai with my partner and two gorgeous cats. We are currently going through fertility treatment to try and have a family. I openly share this through my social media platforms. We have had 5 rounds of fertility treatments (ovulation inductions and IUI). The first was a loss of pregnancy at 5.5 weeks, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th were failed treatment cycles and the 5th resulted in pregnancy that we sadly had to terminate for medical reasons (TFMR) at 13.5 weeks due to our baby girl, Willow, being diagnosed with Edwards Syndrome and a huge Cystic Hygroma on her head. We have since undergone 2 rounds of IVF which have both failed and we are now at a crossroads of deciding if we will give my eggs one last shot or if we will move to donor egg IVF.  

I am a survivor of Domestic violence and sexual trauma and was diagnosed with Bipolar 10 years ago. I have been on a healing journey over the last 10 years that now enables me to share my story to help and empower others.

I now mentor others and support them to stand in their truth and take their power back. 


I mentor 1:1 and also through weekly online support groups, for those living with Bipolar Disorder and those that are sadly TFMR Mamas. I support and mentor others that would like to work on their emotional awareness and emotional wellness, to have the right tools in their tool kit to be able to navigate their journey of healing, feeling their feelings and healthy ways to process.

I am an ambassador for www.bipolaruk.org and I have launched and host a new podcast for them called "Let's talk bipolar". This is something I am hugely proud of and we have conversations with experts and also those with lived experience of living with or supporting someone who lives with Bipolar disorder. It's an honour to be able to give back in the very space that helped me when I was first diagnosed.


I am also the host of the Vulnerability Rocks Podcast. I started this podcast to hold space and start conversations that matter on topics that we are normally taught not to discuss openly. My guests bravely step in to vulnerability to share their own experiences to help others.