1:1 Mentoring

with Emma Belle

Dedicated weekly 1:1 sessions with Emma to learn new skills and build your tool kit for your own personal journey.


These sessions are for anyone looking for a life coach/mentor experience with a real focus on Mental Health Recovery, Trauma Recovery and Emotional Awareness Learning.


“I  will support you in all areas of your life and thinking. Just focussing on improving one area of your life will never lead to real change. If we leave stones unturned then they will come back to trip us up. We have to honour all parts of ourselves to truly grow, heal and thrive in the life that we truly want and deserve”

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TFMR Mamas Support Group (Termination for Medical Reasons)

Weekly Support Group for TFMRMamas (Those that have lost their babies to Termination for Medical Reasons)

Meet with other Mamas who get it and be in a safe space to process and move through with the support and love that you deserve.

I am so deeply sorry that this has happened to you. 

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Bipolar Disorder Recovery

Online Support Group

A group of 4-6 members mentored by Emma Belle to help you be empowered in your journey living with bipolar. It is possible to have a great life with the right tools and support. 

“Your growth may scare people who aren't ready to change,
don't let that stop you...Keep going”

Emma Belle