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Bethany Robinson - living with Bipolar, her love of Cross Fit and appearing on SAS who dares wins

The Let's talk Bipolar podcast is HERE! I am so excited to be hosting this show for the amazing Uk based Charity, Bipolar UK. My first guest is Bethany Robinson - @Sportybethcf

Beth appeared on SAS who dares wins and lives in Cornwall and is an art teacher in a mental health school. Beth lives with Bipolar and lives her life loving being active and is now an athlete in the sport Cross Fit.

She is an advocate for fitness and talks about how that goes hand in hand with our mental health. Beth made several attempts on her life in the lead up to getting her diagnosis and after being on a long waiting list, she was eventually assessed. After tracking her mood using an app called Daylio and further assessment the doctors told her she was living with Bipolar.

Beth had a preconceived idea of what Bipolar looked like so therefore battled this advice until she learned more about what living with Bipolar can actually be like to live with. We talk about the treatment she received from the police and how more education is needed for emergency workers to better support those suffering with this illness. Beth now knows she has been living with Bipolar disorder since her childhood years but wasn’t diagnosed until 2016.

We discuss how after receiving a diagnosis it is hard to work out which parts of our behaviour are our personality and which parts are part of our condition. We also speak about the importance of parenting ourselves and what self-care looks like for the higher and lower side of living with Bipolar. TW: We discuss auditory disturbances, self-harm and suicidal ideation in this episode. Please find support and resources: Website Insta: bipolar_uk Twitter: bipolaruk Facebook: bipolaruk Please find links to Beth’s Instagram and Youtube profiles below: IG @sportybethcf Youtube: Bethany Robinson Hosted by Emma Belle IG @emmakbelle

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